Temerty Awards for Excellence in Professional Values

Excellence Awards Diagram

The Temerty Faculty of Medicine believes that within our academic and clinical settings shared norms, values, and expectations help to describe and support the behaviours expected of learners and faculty by one another, by patients and families, and by society.  These norms, values, and expectations are collectively known as our professional values.  At Temerty Medicine, our professional values are the commitments that we keep to our patients, our colleagues, our learners, and ourselves - even in challenging situations – to contribute to the psychologically and culturally safe environments necessary for excellent healthcare and education and to our shared wellbeing.

The Temerty Faculty of Medicine also believes that while many professional values are timeless, others evolve to become more prominent as a result of necessary societal change.  The Faculty’s Academic Strategic Plan (2018-2023) highlights themes of collaboration, health and wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, excellence through equity, and sustainability. 

The Temerty Awards for Excellence in Professional Values were launched in 2021 and are awarded annually to recognize faculty members and learners from all sectors of the Temerty Faculty of Medicine who contribute to strengthening our shared professional values through their behaviour, communications, relationships, and academic, clinical, and administrative endeavours.  Please note that staff within the Temerty Faculty of Medicine are recognized through the Staff Impact Awards.

These faculty members and learners will exemplify our shared professional values, including:

  • A commitment to excellence and fair and ethical dealings with others (colleagues and mentees) in carrying out their professional duties and academic endeavours
  • Facilitating psychologically, culturally, and physically safe learning and work environments
  • Demonstrating kindness, respect, civility, humility, integrity, self-reflection and a commitment to our collective responsibility in ensuring one another’s wellbeing
  • A commitment to anti-oppressive and anti-racist practices, consistent advocacy and inclusion for equity deserving groups, and allyship
  • Achieving the mandates of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in our healthcare education, practice, and research
  • Demonstrating breadth either within the Faculty or wider Toronto, Canada or global community in their practice of these professional values

Awards are open to all faculty members and learners at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine. Up to six awards will be made annually: one each to a faculty member and a learner from each of the basic sciences, rehabilitation sciences, and clinical medicine sectors. 

Nominations of individuals may be made by peers, supervisors, colleagues, staff and program leaders. Self-nominations will not be accepted. Nominations require:

  • Primary nomination letter speaking specifically to the criteria above and the candidate’s impact in relevant domains.  Primary nominators must be a member of the Temerty Faculty of Medicine
  • An annotated 3-5 page CV focused on the candidate’s most valuable contributions related to the Awards criteria.  Annotated descriptors should include C(ontext)A(ction)R(esult) statements. CARs include the context or challenge of the activity, the action the candidate took and the results or impact of each contribution.  More information on how to effectively write CAR statements can be found in the first five minutes of Dr. Nana Lee’s GLSE resource video https://youtu.be/vcsrIAxtPJI
  • Two additional letters of support (maximum 500 words) from faculty members/learners/community members outlining which professional values the nominee contributes to, and their impact.  The writers must have experienced a direct working relationship with the nominee and describe the impact from their perspective.
  • A brief (one paragraph) letter of support from the candidate’s Chair or Program/Course Director
  • It is desirable but not mandatory for either the primary nomination letter or one of the support letters to be from a learner.   Where the inclusion of a learner among the nominators is not possible, the nomination letter should explain the reasons for this

Preference will be given to nominees whose achievements span or integrate multiple values.

Nominations will be reviewed by a committee of faculty and learners drawn from the three sectors.  Date for submission: May 16, 2022.

Please send nomination packages to medicine.partnerships@utoronto.ca