Volunteer Opportunities

Alumni stay involved with the Temerty Faculty of Medicine by volunteering as advisors, guest speakers, mentors and more. Volunteering is immensely rewarding, for both our volunteers and the community members they serve.

Volunteer for any of the opportunities below with this online form.

Words of Wisdom

Alumni write notes of congratulations and encouragement to first-year medical students and incoming residents and fellows.  These “Words of Wisdom” can include advice or simply a warm welcome to the Temerty Medicine community. Learn more about Words of Wisdom here.

Mentor a Student

Mentorship is a great way for students to gain valuable professional skills as they head out on their chosen career paths. Through a process of student self-assessment and regular interaction, students develop practical steps toward success. Mentors and mentees alike benefit from the mentorship experience. Find out more about mentorship.

Be a Guest Speaker

Student Clubs often seek alumni to be guest speakers at student events, interest group advisors and mentors. Preceptors for student-run service learning projects are also needed. Alumni can contribute meaningfully to student life without a long commitment. Let us know if you’d like to be involved in student clubs or interest groups via our online form.

Awards Committees

Alumni are often needed to sit on student award and alumni awards selection committees at various times throughout the year. This is interesting and rewarding work with a short time commitment. Apply to volunteer on a student and alumni awards committee via our online form.

MD Admissions Rater

Volunteer MD Admissions raters help select a new class of MD students each year. Raters may volunteer to be a file reviewer, interview rater, or both. It is not mandatory to be a U of T alumni to qualify as a rater. Raters are closely connected to U of T’s medical community. Each year, we invite medical students, residents, clinical fellows, physicians, allied health professionals, education experts, members of the public and alumni to join our group of file reviewers and interviewers. The selection processes for file reviewers and interview raters are done independently of one another. A call to register as a rater is usually sent out in the end of summer and a rater information session is usually held in the month of September.

To learn more about this volunteer opportunity, please email md.admissionsoffice@utoronto.ca.

Community of Support program

Mentors in the Community of Support provide Black, Indigenous, racialized, or economically disadvantaged students interested in medicine with webinars, in-person mentorship, job shadowing and support with medical schools applications and interviews. Learn more at Community of Support.

Volunteer for any of the opportunities above.  For more information, contact Lola Cullen at lola.cullen@utoronto.ca.