MCAT Student Support Program

May - July

Students studying

About the MSSP

The Community of Support (COS) runs the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) Student Support Program (MSSP). This is an 11-week prep course that runs from May to July each year. Our aim is to support COS members with high financial need who will be writing the MCAT. The program includes several lectures on essential theoretical knowledge for the MCAT and aims to prepare students to become equipped with the skills needed to write the official MCAT.

Upcoming dates

To be announced soon!

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Will I be able to revisit the MSSP lectures?

MSSP lectures are archived and available for COS members to watch at anytime.

Will I be able to do mock MCAT preparation in the course?

Yes, the course includes mock MCAT tests to help you better study under simulated conditions, before you do the official MCAT examination.