Supporting Applications, Supporting Interviews (SASI)

May - September

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About SASI

Supporting Applications, Supporting Interviews (SASI) provides Community of Support (COS) members applying to medical school (Canada, US, Caribbean) with a medical student mentor to guide them through their medical school application and provide feedback before it is submitted. The following assistance will be provided between June to September, depending on mentor availability:

  • Autobiographical sketch advice and proofreading
  • Brief personal essays advice and proofreading
  • References and co-curricular activities advice
  • MCAT advice

Upcoming dates

To be announced soon!

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How will I receive support for the interview stage of my application?

Once you receive an interview from a medical school, SASI mentors from the respective medical school will be matched with you to help better prepare for the interview.

Is this program strictly for pre-medical students aiming for either Canadian, US or Caribbean medical schools?

You can also apply for SASI if you are applying to regions and countries other than Canada, the US, and the Caribbean.