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Clinical & Faculty Affairs

What We Do

Clinical and Faculty Affairs supports policies, procedures, tools, resources and other related information to faculty at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine. Clinical and Faculty Affairs provides departments with support related to professional values, faculty wellness, clinical faculty appointment processes, academic promotions, annual reviews, and faculty relations.

How We Can Help

Guides and resources to applying for an academic appointment. These include information on the various types of academic appointments and the application requirements for each category (Clinical Faculty, University Faculty, and Concurrent).

Resources for Academic Promotions (Junior and Senior), including the Academic Promotions manual, documentation checklists, and templates.


Processes for reporting faculty concerns and grievances for non-clinical faculty and full-time and part-time clinical faculty.

Clinical Faculty policies, procedures, guidelines, benefits, and professional organizations.

Resources to support emotional and physical wellness to foster the high performing, respectful, and sustainable community.

Resources, policies, and guidelines for professional values. These values commit to keeping patients, colleagues, learners, and ourselves to contribute to psychologically and culturally safe environments that are necessary for excellent healthcare and education and for our shared well-being. 

Who We Are

Lynn Wilson

Executive Assistant: Amanda Singh

Pier Bryden

Admin Coordinator: Terrilyn Chow

Julie Maggi

Admin Coordinator: Terrilyn Chow

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Contact Information

Dr. Lynn Wilson

Vice Dean, Clinical & Faculty Affairs

E-mail   Phone: 416-946-7273

Dr. Pier Bryden

Associate Dean, Clinical Affairs & Professional Values

E-mail   Phone: 416-978-7762

Dr. Julie Maggi

Director, Faculty Wellness

E-mail   Phone: 416-978-7762

Dr. Avery Nathens

Senior Advisor on Clinical Affairs

E-mail   Phone: 416-946-7273

Amanda Singh

Executive Assistant to Dr. Lynn Wilson

E-mail   Phone: 416-946-7273

Terrilyn Chow

Administrative Coordinator to Dr. Pier Bryden and Dr. Julie Maggi

E-mail   Phone: 416-978-7762

Meera Rai

Senior Partnerships Advisor

E-mail   Phone: 416-946-7060

Melissa Aldham

Policy and Projects Advisor

E-mail   Phone: 416-978-7212

Mital Patel

Case Coordinator

E-mail  Phone: 416-978-2202