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As the Temerty Faculty of Medicine implements our Academic Strategic Plan, we must evaluate our performance and be transparent with our community and partners. The following data is frequently used to measure our progress, but we know it’s an incomplete picture. Therefore, we continue to seek new ways to capture the unique contributions of all members of our diverse community. However, from our international rankings to research funding and donor support, this is where we begin to measure the impact of Temerty Medicine. 

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2022 National Taiwan University Ranking
Clinical Medicine
2023 U.S. News & World Report
Clinical Medicine
2023 Times Higher Education World University Rankings
Clinical, Pre-clinical & Health
2022 QS World University Ranking
2022 Shanghai Ranking
Clinical Medicine

Clinical Medicine (or related fields) Subject Rankings 2018-22

Rankings Over 5 years

Chart data

Ranking 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
National Taiwan University 3 3 3 3 4
U.S. News & World Report 4 5 5 5 5
Times Higher Ed 19 13 6 6 5
QS World University 13 11 13 13 12
Shanghai 15 5 15 15 15

Contributions to Physician Supply and Distribution in 2021

The Temerty Faculty of Medicine is the single largest contributor of physicians in Canada, representing 18% of all newly trained Canadian physicians in 2021. (CAPER 2022). According to the Canadian PostMD Education Registry: 

of newly graduated family physicians who trained in Ontario did so at U of T
of newly graduated specialist physicians who trained in Ontario did so at U of T

Where do our PhD graduates go?

The 10,000 PhDs Project, which was an initiative of the School of Graduate Studies, used Internet searches of open-access data sources such as official university and company websites to determine the current and/or first (2016) employment status of the 10,886 PhDs who graduated from U of T between 2000 and 2015 in all disciplines. 

How We Innovate

Over the last five years (FY 2018 — FY 2022)

of 817 new invention disclosures filed at U of T came from Medicine
of 589 new priority patent application filed by U of T came from Medicine
of 249 US patents issued tried to U of T came from Medicine
of 198 new licenses and options at U of T came from Medicine
of 73 new start-up companies at U of T came from Medicine
CL3 lab


Temerty Medicine, including its researchers at TAHSN-affiliated institutes, received approximately $911M in research funding in 2020-21 and saw a 6.1 per cent increase in annual support from Tri-Agency Funding (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) from the prior year. Collectively, Temerty Medicine receives roughly 20 per cent of all CIHR Funding awarded in Canada. With federal funding envelopes remaining relatively static in recent years, U of T Medicine has continued to diversify and seek funding from other sources, including not-for-profit ($380M in 2020-21) and industry ($125M in 2020-21).

Total Awards in 2020-21
Total Funding (millions)

Research Funding Sources (2016-17 to 2020-21)

Research Funding Sources

Chart data

Sector 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21
Private 113 103 112 139 124
Gov't & Other 124 116 167 139 125
Non-Profit 387 377 395 418 379
Tri-Agency 195 198 218 227 280

Articles in Top Journals 2021

Number of publications in the 50 highest impact journals in medicine and related fields.

Source: Web of Science, 2021


Chart data

Journal Articles - Canada
Toronto McMaster UBC McGill Montreal
270 99 90 88 71



Chart data

journal articles - world
Harvard London Toronto Oxford Pennsylvania
787 322 270 264 248

International Collaborations 2021

Temerty Medicine researchers collaborate with researchers all over the world.

In 2021, our researchers participated in

collaborations producing
publications across
countries, ranging from Albania to Zimbabwe
MD administrative staff


Alumni and Donors (FY 2021-22)

The Temerty Faculty of Medicine benefits from the generous financial support of alumni and donors. These funds help drive programs and research, as well as faculty and student support.

Alumni Worldwide
Donors (32% first-time donors)
Total philanthropic commitments
Pledged by 1006 alumni, representing 46% of donors

Enrolment Numbers 2022-23

U of T is home to the third largest MD Program by enrolment in Canada and the largest in Ontario. U of T has, however, the most post-MD trainees in Canada and is a leading provider of medical continuing professional development. Our graduate students are 62% female and represent more than 14.5% of all graduate students at U of T.

Undergraduate Learners: 1,512

Chart data

Undergraduate Learners
MD MD/PhD Physician Assistant Program Medical Radiation Sciences
1080 69 64 299

Postgraduate Medical Education: 3,803

Chart data

Postgraduate Medical Learners
Fellows Residents
1705 2098

Graduate Learners: 2,987

Chart data

Graduate Learners
Professional Degrees Masters Students Doctoral Students Graduate Diplomas
780 844 1349 14

Continuing Professional Development 2021-22

Learners participated in
Accredited CPD events and courses

Faculty and Staff 2022

Chart data

Faculty and staff numbers
Clinical Status Only Adjunct Appointed Staff
7368 1477 309 247 852


Toronto Academic Health Science Network Hospitals and Other Affiliated Institutions

The Temerty Faculty of Medicine and our affiliated hospitals form one of the leading health sciences centres for research and education in North America. The hub centres on the Toronto Academic Health Science Network (TAHSN) – composed of our fully affiliated and associate affiliated hospitals – and extends to another 20 community-affiliated hospitals and healthcare sites in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

(*) These hospitals merged in 2017; the University’s affiliations continue on a site-specific basis.

(***) Formerly Hincks-Dellcrest Treatment Centre, this site integrated with the Hospital for Sick Children in 2017; the University’s affiliations continue on a site-specific basis.

Governor General Award

Honours & Awards

Featured Awards

International Awards

Professor Dina Brooks

2021 Thomas L. Petty Distinguished Pulmonary Scholar Award
American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

This award is presented to an individual who has made significant advances in pulmonary rehabilitation through their research and scholarly contributions and has earned national prominence in their field through contributions in contemporary research and/or education.

Professor Zulfiqur Bhutta

2022 John Dirks Canada Gairdner Global Health Award
Gairdner Foundation

The award recognizes Prof. Zulfiqar Bhutta's research on community-based and policy interventions in child and maternal health, especially among vulnerable populations. Read more about Prof. Zulfiqur Bhutta's award >

Professor John Dick

2022 Gairdner International Award
Gairdner Foundation

John Dick was recognized with a Gairdner International Award, for the discovery of leukemic stem cells and later work on the diagnosis and treatment of acute myeloid leukemia. Read more about Prof. John Dick's award >

Professor Gary Lewis

2022 Edwin Bierman Award
American Diabetes Association

This award recognizes researchers who have made outstanding scientific contributions to the understanding and treatment of diabetes and macrovascular complications. 

Professor Tatyana Mollayeva

2022 Joshua B. Cantor Scholar Award
merican Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine

This award recognizes outstanding research judged to be a significant contribution to the field of brain injury rehabilitation. 

Professor Donald Weaver

Oskar Fischer Gold Prize
University of Texas at San Antonio

Prof. Weaver is recognized for his research into a new theory of Alzheimer’s as an autoimmune disease. His lab focuses on the design and development of novel therapeutics targeting neuroinflammation in Alzheimer’s.

National Awards

Professor Isabelle Aubert

2022 Fellow
Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

Prof. Aubert leads collaborative and interdisciplinary research programs. Her work aims to promote the capacity of aging brain cells to survive, adapt, regenerate, and function. With her team, Prof. Aubert discovered the regenerative potential of non-invasive, transcranial focused ultrasound for blood-brain barrier modulation.

Professor Angela Cheung

2022 Fellow
Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

Prof. Cheung is Professor of Medicine, KY and Betty Ho Chair of Integrative Medicine and Founding Director of Centre of Excellence in Skeletal Health Assessment at University of Toronto.She currently holds a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Musculoskeletal and Postmenopausal Health.

Professor Arun Chockalingam

2022 Fellow
Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

Prof. Chockalingam is clearly recognized for his leadership in building programs in Canada and globally for advancing noncommunicable disease research, prevention and policy. His expertise in ‘social innovation’
is exemplified organizing large conferences with private/public sector funding.

Professor Chung-Wai Chow

Brockhouse Prize for Interdisciplinary Research in Science and Engineering
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)

Prof. Chow is recognized alongside fellow team members Greg EvansJeff BrookMiriam DiamondMarianne HatzopoulouJim WallaceCheol-Heon Jeong and Jim Wallace for developing innovative tools and strategies for studying air pollution and its effects.

Professor Allan Detsky

2022 Fellow
Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

Prof. Detsky's research in clinical medicine, clinical epidemiology and health economics has been published in over 300 papers. He has served on the editorial board of the New England Journal of Medicine and as a Contributing Writer for the Journal of the American Medical Association.

University Professor John Dick

2022 McLaughlin Medal
Royal Society of Canada

University Professor John Dick’s discoveries revolutionized understanding of the stem cells that drive human normal and leukemic blood development. He developed a stem cell assay where normal or leukemic human blood cells are transplanted into immune-deficient mice. With this assay, new classes of stem cells were discovered that redefined the roadmap of human blood production and leukemia stem cells were found that originate and maintain leukemia leading to treatment failure.

Professor Nomazulu Dlamini

2022 Emerging Academic Leader Award (Large Institution) 
Pediatric Chairs of Canada 

Prof. Dlamini's research aims to understand the mechanisms of injury, repair and neuroplasticity of the developing brain following stroke. Her work is embedded in the SickKids Children’s Stroke Program, recognized as one of the largest and leading academic stroke programs worldwide.

Professor Naheed Dosani

Honourary Doctorate Degree (Doctor of Laws)
Ontario Tech University

Prof. Dosani is recognized for his relentless advocacy for health justice, his trailblazing achievements in delivering community-based hospice palliative care, and for his ongoing commitment to humanitarian efforts.

Professor Daniel Drucker

2022 Inductee
Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

Prof. Drucker is recognized for revealing the potential for gut hormones to achieve dramatic clinical outcomes in the treatment of life-limiting and life-threatening metabolic and intestinal disorders.

Professor Edward Etchells

2022 Clinical Teacher Award
Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada

The award recognizes exceptional clinical teaching contributions in Canada.

Professor Paul Frankland

2022 Fellow
Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

Prof. Franland's research addresses classical questions in the memory field. He combines an acute grasp of history with the early adoption of powerful new technologies in neuroscience, which enables his group to visualize and manipulate neural ensembles involved in memory encoding, consolidation and storage. 

Professor Samir Gupta 

2022 Media Engagement Award — Trailblazer
The Medical Post

This award honours a Canadian doctor who leads change in healthcare through media and social media communications as an individual doctor at the grassroots level.

Professor Patricia Houston

2021 Ian Hart Award for Distinguished Contribution to Medical Education
Canadian Association for Medical Education

This award recognizes senior faculty who have made exceptional contributions to medical education throughout their academic careers. 

Professor Meredith Irwin

2022 Fellow
Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

Prof. Irwin's research focuses on genes and pathways involved in the childhood cancer neuroblastoma. As Chair of the Neuroblastoma Biology committee of the Children’s Oncology Group, she leads the identification of biomarkers and optimization of risk classification and precision medicine clinical trials for patients in North America.

Professor David Jenkins 

2022 Inductee
Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

Prof. Jenkins is recognized for inventing the glycemic index to classify carbohydrates and their effects on blood glucose levels, associated with the incidence of diabetes, stroke, and cardiovascular disease mortality. 

Professor Fei-Fei Liu

2022 Fellow
Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

Prof. Liu is an internationally recognized radiation oncologist, who has dedicated her career to improving cancer outcomes for patients around the world. Her academic and clinical expertise in the treatment of breast and head & neck cancers, commitment to education, and contributions to international oncology initiatives have made her a renowned leader in the health sciences community.

Professor Onye Nnorom and La Toya Dennie

2022 Honourees
100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women

The award highlights the social, educational, political, and professional accomplishments of Black Canadian women.

Professor Paula Ravitz

2022 John Ruedy Award for Excellence in Medical Education
Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada

The award recognizes the development of innovative print materials, electronic learning aids or other teaching aids.

Professor Linda Rapson (co-winner)

2021 Dr. Rogers Prize

This award highlights the important contributions of complementary and alternative medicine to health care, and recognizes those who embody the same level of vision, leadership, and integrity as that of the late Dr. Roger Hayward Rogers.

Professor Lisa Robinson

2022 Fellow
Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

Prof. Robinson is Vice Dean, Strategy & Operations, leading the Faculty’s academic strategic planning, oversees academic affairs, and serves as the Vice Dean lead for the Faculty’s Offices of Inclusion and Diversity, Indigenous Health, and Outreach and Access, and Professor in the Department of Paediatrics and Institute of Medical Science. She also holds a Canada Research Chair Tier 1 in Vascular Inflammation and Kidney Injury, and is President of the American Pediatric Society.

Professor Subodh Verma

2022 Fellow
Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

Prof. Subodh Verma is an internationally renowned cardiac surgeon-scientist and the Canada Research Chair in Cardiovascular Surgery. He leads a dynamic pre-clinical and translational research team that seeks to identify novel mediators and therapeutic targets of cardiometabolic diseases.

Professor Valerie Wallace

2022 Fellow
Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

Prof. Wallace is an internationally recognized leader in the fields of neural development, retina biology and regenerative medicine. Her research has advanced our understanding of the signalling pathways that are involved in brain and retinal development and identified therapeutic targets
for restoring vision in individuals with retinal degeneration.

Professor Sharon Walmsley

2022 Women of Distinction Award
YWCA Toronto

Dr. Sharon Walmsley is one of the first Ontario physicians to dedicate her practice to the care of persons living with the HIV virus, Sharon has pioneered care models to address the specific needs of HIV positive women.

Professor Nicole Woods

2021 Canada's Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Award
Women's Executive Network

As part of the awards program, Woods was honoured with a Manulife Science and Technology award, which recognizes women in STEM roles who challenge the status quo for knowledge and female empowerment. 

Professor Ann Yeh

2022 Academic Leadership Clinician Practitioner Award
Pediatric Chairs of Canada

Prof. Yeh leads one of the world’s largest programs focused on these disorders and been central to the creation of standards of care and treatment of many established and newly recognized neuroinflammatory disorders.

University of Toronto / Temerty Medicine Awards

Professor Renee Beach

2022 IGNITE Mentorship Award
Temerty Faculty of Medicine

Professor Danielle Bentley

2022 Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in Life Sciences
Temerty Faculty of Medicine

Professor Andrea Boggild

2022 IGNITE Mentorship Award
Temerty Faculty of Medicine

Professors David Jenkins and Leonardo Salmena

2022 Excellence in Linking Undergraduate Teaching to Research in Life Sciences
Temerty Faculty of Medicine

Professor Trevor Moraes

2022 Excellence in Undergraduate Laboratory Teaching in Life Sciences
Temerty Faculty of Medicine

Professor Cindi Morshead

2022 Connaught Innovation Award
University of Toronto

Office of Communications

2021 Excellence Through Innovation Award (ETIA)
Division of People Strategy, Equity & Culture

Professor Donald Redelmeier

2022 President's Impact Award
University of Toronto

Professor Sanjeev Sockalingam

President's Teaching Award
University of Toronto

TAHSN Awards

Professor Melanie Kirby-Allen

2021 MSA Citizenship Award
SickKids Medical Staff Association