Temerty Faculty of Medicine Staff Impact Awards


The Temerty Faculty of Medicine employs over 900 appointed administrative, technical and research staff, all of whom contribute greatly to our vision and strategic priorities. It is the dedication and ingenuity of staff that bring our goals to fruition and it is their passion and enthusiasm that fill the offices and corridors of the Faculty. Staff support our students, help to recruit and retain faculty, keep our labs running, fundraise for research and student awards, and maintain the vast infrastructure upon which our faculty and students rely.

The Staff Impact Awards program was launched in 2013 to honour staff whose work and dedication have helped to make the Temerty Faculty of Medicine the celebrated school that it is today. 

View a list and description of the 2021 award recipients here.

Award Categories

Exemplary Leadership Award 

This award is for a leader who has made outstanding contributions in creating a collegial and positive work environment: providing a sense of purpose for others, leading by example, fostering the development and mentorship of others, and effectively aligns team members with the strategic priorities of Temerty Medicine.

Emerging Leadership Award

This award recognizes and encourages staff who consistently exhibit exceptional leadership competencies.  The individual, regardless of their role, demonstrates a willingness to go above and beyond the responsibilities of their job to motivate, inspire and engage others to contribute to a common purpose and vision. 
Note: This award category differs from the Leadership category in that nominees either demonstrate significant potential to assume a more senior leadership within the organization, or show leadership potential, while perhaps not being in a formal leadership role at present.

Excellence in Innovation and Creativity Award

The Excellence in Innovation and Creativity Award recognizes an individual or team who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in fostering innovation, creativity, and transformative thinking.  This award recognizes an individual or team who have exhibited exceptional ingenuity, originality, and forward-thinking in developing novel solutions, practices, or approaches that positively impact healthcare, education, research, or service delivery.  Recipients of this award inspire others through their innovative contributions, ultimately shaping the future of medicine and healthcare.

Fostering an Inclusive Environment Award

This award is for an individual or team that exhibit the Faculty's commitment to making inclusion an essential component to their approach to work. They ensure that all are invited to have a voice and be empowered to effect change as well as actively demonstrate allyship with those who have been systemically excluded from healthcare and/or education institutions.

Service Excellence in Laboratory Research Environment Award

The Service in Laboratory Research Environment Award recognizes exceptional individuals working in technical lab research roles who consistently provide outstanding service and support within a laboratory research environment.  Eligible recipients of this award include dedicated professionals who demonstrate a strong commitment to assisting students, staff, and principal investigators, contributing significantly to the advancement of research endeavors within the institution.                                       

Administrative Excellence Award

The Award for Administrative Excellence recognizes exceptional individuals who have demonstrated unwavering commitment and a sustained contribution of excellence over a period of at least five years within the Temerty Faculty of Medicine. This award honours outstanding administrative professionals who have consistently exhibited exemplary dedication, exceptional performance, brilliance in customer service through respect, responsiveness and empathy, and have also made a significant impact on the success and growth of their department and the Faculty.

Community Contribution Award                                                               

The Community Engagement Award recognizes exceptional contributions made by staff members who actively engage with local communities. This award acknowledges staff members who demonstrate a deep commitment to community partnerships and actively contribute to addressing healthcare disparities, promoting health equity, and improving the well-being of diverse populations. Recipients of this award exhibit outstanding collaboration, and cultural humility in their community engagement initiatives, making a positive impact beyond their roles within the Temerty Faculty of Medicine.

Engagement Champion Award                                                                   

The Engagement Champion Award recognizes individuals who consistently embody the spirit of the Temerty Faculty of Medicine by actively supporting their peers and promoting the division's values. This award honours their exceptional role as role models who inspire and motivate colleagues, fostering a positive work environment and  contribute to a sense of community, and enhance the reputation of the Faculty through their interactions and collaborations. 

Eligibility Criteria

Appointed administrative, technical and research staff with at least two years of service in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine, except for the Administrative Excellence award where five years of service is required.  Previous award winners of a particular category are not eligible to be nominated again in the same award category for a five-year period.

Who Can Nominate?

Any faculty, staff, research associate, or post-doctoral fellow appointed in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine can nominate eligible staff members. It is recommended the nominee's immediate supervisor is made aware of the nomination. Self-nominations are not accepted.

Nomination Process

Please read and gather the following information before accessing the Nomination Forms below.

  • Nominee (First & Last Name, Position Title, Department, and Email)
  • Supervisor of Nominee(s) (First & Last Name, Position Title, Department, Email and Approval Date)

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you review the questions in advance and prepare your response in a Word document that you can copy and paste directly onto the online nomination form.

A letter of support is encouraged but not required. If you wish to include a letter of support in your nomination submission, please email the document(s) to  with the subject line: Temerty Faculty of Medicine Staff Impact Awards: Supporting Documentation for Name of Award – Nominee Name

Please note that a separate nomination form is required for employees or a team of employees nominated for multiple awards.

All nominations must be received by Saturday September 30, 2023.  Late nominations will not be accepted.  Recipients will be selected by a Staff Impact Awards Committee appointed by the Dean.


Each award winner will receive a gift. The award winners will be announced in MedEmail.