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What you do here today will touch lives tomorrow.

Students at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine have an opportunity to learn from health care leaders, and receive innovative training. The resources on this page can help you find everything you need as you prepare for your career.

Feb 29, 2024
The story of how two U of T professors came to supply ground-breaking technology to the U.S. military began with a surprise visit to a University Health Network lab two decades ago. 
Feb 27, 2024
Finding new compounds that could lead to the next generation of drugs is a daunting challenge. To speed that process, the inaugural CACHE Challenge Symposium will spotlight the role of open science in drug discovery, on March 6 and 7 in Toronto.
Feb 27, 2024
While there is no effective drug treatment for the progressive disease, much progress has been made over the last decade on interventions to prevent or delay dementia in people at risk. But what if we could recognize the symptoms earlier?