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Students at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine have an opportunity to learn from health care leaders, and receive innovative training. The resources on this page can help you find everything you need as you prepare for your career.

Jul 17, 2024
In a study that has implications for understanding and treating pancreatic cancer, University of Toronto researchers have identified new genetic players critical for tumour growth in the pancreas.
Jul 11, 2024
The family foundation has supported more than 200 health science graduate students over 20 years.
Jun 27, 2024
Ten years ago, Brandon Tse was diagnosed with aplastic anemia at SickKids. This July, he starts residency in hematopathology at U of T – a specialty that focuses on diseases of the blood. In this Q&A, Tse talks about how his experience as a patient will shape his practice, what parts of residency he’s looking forward to most, and why music is such a huge part of his life.