Student Tools

The Temerty Faculty of Medicine offers a variety of online tools faculty, staff, students, residents and fellows can use to manage their day-to-day activities. Below are resources to help you access your email account, manage agreements, register for classes, evaluate residents and fellows and enrol in training.

ACORN enables students to enroll in courses, check fees and finances and do other records and registration tasks such as making updates to address and contact information. The purpose of ACORN is to provide a more convenient, personalized and guided experience for students using U of T’s online services.

An integrated online teaching and learning platform for MD program learners, instructors and curriculum administration.

An application 
for graduate students, supervisors and graduate unit agreement and financial tracking. All doctoral-stream Master’s and Ph.D. students in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine will use this on-line Agreement Form.

POstgraduate Web Evaluation and Registration is used to register and evaluate postgraduate medical residents and fellows who are enroled in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine, and training in the Faculty’s associated teaching hospitals.

MedSIS is an internet-based registration service for Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) trainees enroled or enroling for training through the Faculty and its associated training hospitals.

The University of Toronto’s academic technology toolbox, offers advanced content design, a variety of student communication tools, easy-to-use course administration features and a mobile application for access to key functions from a phone or tablet. 

WebMail allows you to access your University of Toronto email from any internet browser.