Office of the Vice Dean, Research and Health Education

The following services are available through the research office:

Grants & Funding Information

  • Authorize grant applications on behalf of the Dean
  • Canada Research Chairs: Organize Faculty adjudications and/or submission of materials for Canada Research Chairs and provincial and federal research and infrastructure programs to the University's Institutional Initiatives office
  • Pathway Grant: To address the gap between the Temerty Faculty of Medicine’s Project Grant proposals and CIHR’s limited available funding envelope, the OVDRHE has launched the Pathway Grant  This funding program functions as an internal CIHR bridge grant for top-rated Project Grant proposals from on-campus Temerty Faculty of Medicine applicants:
  • "What's New in Research Funding": Updates from a variety of funding agencies distributed electronically through our VDRI mailing list. Click here to join the mailing list

Grant & Program Development


  • Division of Comparative Medicine & Microscopy Imaging Laboratory
  • Research Funding Synposis; Prepare statistical and analytical report to fulfill local, national and international reporting requirements; and to provide information for faculty planning, including the yearly production of the Synopsis of Research Activities
  • Provide the administrative and research infrastructure required by the Faculty of Medicine to operate a research enterprise.
  • Support interactions with the Vice Dean with provincial, national, and international organizations

Researcher Support

  • Guide for new researchers; Provide a continually updated guide for new researchers
  • Letters of Support; Prepare letters of support that may be required for career awards or grant applications (scroll down to the section titled "Dean's Letter of Support for Career Awards")
  • Research Policy & Ethics Policy; Participate in the development of  Research Policy and Ethics Policy  for the Faculty
  • Advocacy and lobbying activities in support of the research community