Grant Development

Research proposal writing, editing and developing

The Office of the Vice Dean, Research and Health Science Education  provides a grant editing service to UofT medical science investigators. The Office prioritizes CIHR, CFI, and CRC grants for editorial review, but will review all grant proposals to any funding agency or foundation on an ad hoc basis. This service is free to Temerty Faculty of Medicine on-campus investigators.  Hospital-based off-campus investigators are charged a fee of $60.00/page +HST if applicable. The request form can be found here

The Temerty Faculty of Medicine strongly encourages investigators to take advantage of this service. 

Please contact our editors:

Alternately, the contact information for our editorial staff is also included below:

Golnaz Farhat
Strategic Research Development Officer

Alex De Serrano
Research Funding, Awards and Honours Officer

Grant Writing Course Component – If you are teaching a class that includes a mock grant writing assignment for your students, the grant development team is available to present guest lectures to your students on the basics of grant writing and general good writing practices in the medical sciences. 

What Do We Do?

  • Provide writing and editing support for all grant proposals to any funding agency, from single-investigator to major multi-researcher pan-institutional applications
  • Ensure applications clearly demonstrate the IMPACT of the research
  • Reorganize for most effective content and structure
  • Clarify meaning, polish language, improve readability
  • Correct grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation
  • Ensure proposals adhere to agency formatting guidelines

What Are Our Goals?

  • Improve grant success and INCREASE FUNDING for researchers. Grants we edit are more apt to be funded than those not edited (41% success rate on edited grants vs. 27% overall Faculty of Medicine success rate for the last CIHR OOGP)
  • Enable researchers to apply for more funding with better prepared materials

How Long Does Editing Take?

  • About a day to edit a 10-page grant but can take longer depending on level of input
  • Edited proposals returned with as speedy turn-around time as possible – in time for the researcher to review editorial suggestions prior to agency deadline

What Don't We Do?

  • Review manuscripts
  • Verify budgets
  • Edit references
  • Edit and format CVs

Please contact us as soon as possible if you would like to take advantage of the grant development service.