Councils & Committees

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Community of Practice for EDI Faculty Leaders

Temerty Medicine is grateful for the courageous leadership of the EDI leads, and simultaneously aware of the toll that this courageous work takes on individuals. We have heard clearly that many people feel that a safe, supportive space in which to heal, reflect, and come together is essential. As such, we have committed to piloting a community of practice (COP) for EDI faculty leaders exclusively. A high degree of listening, empathy, and coming together collectively will be encouraged to create a climate of safety and trust amongst group members.

EDI Leads Circle

This group is a space for each designated departmental contact on matters relating to equity, diversity, inclusion, Indigeneity and accessibility (EDIIA). The aim of the group is to provide assistance and development in the EDI Lead roles, and to action projects that can be scaled across the Temerty Faculty of Medicine.

Disability Justice Working Group

Supporting learners, staff and faculty with regards to accessibility and disability has been identified as priority area of need for Temerty Medicine. The gathering of the Disability Justice Working Group is the first step in the process. The group intends to create a focused plan to foster disability justice across all departments, with specific short and long term action items to effect tangible change.

Diversity Advisory Council (DivAC)

The University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine Diversity Advisory Council is established under the authority of the Dean for the purpose of advising the Faculty of Medicine Associate Dean, Inclusion and Diversity and ultimately the Dean’s Executive on matters relating to inclusion, equity, human rights, and diversity at the FoM in order to move forward the commitment to social justice and health equity.

Learner Equity Action & Discussion (LEAD) Committee

The LEAD Committee is comprised of learners at the Faculty of Medicine. Learners include the broad range of students who participate in the Faculty of Medicine’s programs, including undergraduate and graduate students in Clinical, Rehabilitation and Basic Sciences programs, residents, fellows, post-doctoral fellows, and other trainees.