Learner Equity Action and Discussion (LEAD) Committee

Want to be part of LEAD for 2022-23?

Learn more about the different roles below!

Temerty Faculty of Medicine Learner Equity Action and Discussion (LEAD) Committee

The Office of Inclusion and Diversity (OID) invites Temerty Faculty of Medicine learners to join the LEAD Committee. 

The LEAD Committee was established by the Temerty Faculty’s Office of Inclusion and Diversity (OID) to provide TFoM learners interested in equity, inclusion, diversity and social justice with opportunity and space to:

  • share equity work/insights with a supportive community
  • access information and resources to pursue Equity, Inclusion and Diversity (EDI)-based programming, research and scholarship
  • provide input on/contribute to equity initiatives, programs and events run by the OID
  • discuss and respond to EDI concerns of the community
  • and more!

Apply for the following roles for the 2022-23 year!

Executive team application:

  • Co-chair (2x)
  • Operations Officer (1x)
  • Communications Officer (1x)
  • Financial Officer (1x)

Working group leads application:

  • Learner Experience (2x)
  • Inter-faculty Connections (2x)
  • Symposium Working Group (2x)

If you are interested in joining LEAD Committee as a general member, please fill out this short online application form.

The LEAD Committee is comprised of learners at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine. Learners include the broad range of students who participate in the Temerty Faculty’s programs, including undergraduate and graduate students in Clinical, Rehabilitation and Basic Sciences programs, residents, fellows, post-doctoral fellows, and other trainees.

For more information about the roles and structure, please see the Terms of Reference of the LEAD Committee.