Workshops and Events

Equity Workshops 

The Office of Inclusion and Diversity offers equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) workshops, information sessions, and training opportunities for learners, staff and faculty members.

Specific topics include (but are not limited to) introduction to:

  • Anti-oppression
  • Anti-racism
  • Medicalized violence
  • Responding to microaggressions
  • Critical allyship and solidarity
  • Recognizing and addressing implicit bias
  • Cultural safety
  • Inclusive teaching strategies, and more.

Our office is also able to recommend and make referrals to internal and external resources, including community groups and experts in the field of EDI training who are also able to conduct these types of sessions for various departments and units in the Faculty.

*Please note that our office is in the process of restructuring, and onboarding new staff. Our ability to address requests for EDI workshops will be limited until Winter 2023.

To request a training session for a group, please complete a request form:

Equity Workshop Request Form

Please include a few dates and times that we can give you a call to further discuss the training details.

Diversity Dialogue Events

The Office of Inclusion and Diversity holds Diversity Dialogue events throughout the year. Diversity Dialogue events facilitate discussion and reflection on issues related to equity, diversity, inclusion and social justice in healthcare practice and research.

If you are a Faculty of Medicine learner, staff or faculty member that is interested in collaborating with our Office on planning a Diversity Dialogue event, please email us at

Learn more about upcoming and previous Diversity Dialogue events.