Statement on Religious and Racial Intolerance

With the recent surge in violence in the Middle East, the Temerty Faculty of Medicine has seen an outpouring of anger and vitriol that is leaving members of our community feeling vulnerable and distressed – and many are fearful for their safety.

Learners, staff, and faculty are asking difficult questions about complex issues – and no one among us can claim to have all the answers – but we as a Faculty and as a University stand behind everyone’s right to express their views freely.

As a Faculty, we are engaging respected leaders of diverse backgrounds, identities and faiths as advisors who can directly speak to community members in need. We are reaching out to province-wide partners to help co-create new educational opportunities. We are enforcing our policies and procedures to do our very best to ensure that everyone feels respected, safe and supported.

That is our work: to build and sustain a community that respects a diversity of voices and experiences, including through constructive dialogue on important and challenging issues.

But as a Faculty we must emphasize there is no place for dehumanizing language, stereotyping or hatred of the “other”. We will not tolerate discrimination on any basis. This includes antisemitism and Islamophobia or any form of race-based or religious-based discrimination.

Our support for equity is grounded in an institution-wide commitment to achieving working, teaching, and learning environments that are free of discrimination, intimidation and harassment as defined in the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Clinical faculty are also subject to the 2020 Standards of Professional Behaviour for Clinical (MD) Faculty, which provides direction on the use of social media in a professional manner, the options for disclosure and reporting of unprofessional behaviour and a comprehensive FAQ .

Among the expectations for medical learners, all must abide by the 2020-amended MD Program’s Student Professionalism Guidelines, as well as the Guidelines for Appropriate Use of the Internet, Electronic Networking and Other Media

If you are experiencing discrimination, intimidation or harassment as a learner in the learning environment or in your work environment as a faculty or staff member please know the following supports are available to you:

All are welcome to reach out for guidance through the Office of Inclusion and Diversity. Our vision is to foster environments where every individual feels respected and valued, and where our collective community can thrive.