SLP Year 1 Unit 3 Message

Year 1 Students, Clinical Sites and Clinical Educators –

We hope you are well.

Thank you for your patience as we plan next steps in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and the rapidly changing landscape.

After a meeting this morning with Jennifer Wadds, Lynn Ellwood, Susan Wagner (Academic Coordinators of Clinical Education) and Pascal van Lieshout (Department Chair), the following decisions have been made regarding the Unit 3 – SLP 1500Y – Internship. Unit 3 in its current format is ON HOLD. Although we are planning for the next three weeks and beyond, please note the following for the week of March 16, 2020 ONLY:


Group 1:

All students who are taking their Reading Week this week or upcoming (through to May 1, 2020) will take their Reading Week from March 16 – 20, 2020. We recognize that this will be a change for some of you and thank you for your flexibility as we make changes that will benefit all.

  • Those students who are in clinical placements in Northern Ontario through the Northern Ontario Medical School (NOSM) have the choice of staying north or returning to Toronto. If you decide to return to Toronto, then NOSM will work with you to organize your travel arrangements, as needed.

Group 2:

All other students will not return to their site this week, even if there are options for telehealth practice.

  • These students will be engaged in clinical simulation experiences utilizing SimuCase, which will be overseen by Jennifer Wadds, Instructor.

All Students

The department will purchase an individual membership for SimuCase for one year for all Year 1 students so that you may have access to this clinical resource ongoing.

Clinical Sites/Clinical Educators

As per the above, the current Unit 3 clinical placement model is on hold and you are not expected to make arrangements for students until further notice.

Please do keep us informed as to when you will be accepting clients again. We would also like to ask you to consider potentially resuming the Unit 3 clinical placement after that time. We will be in touch with you upcoming regarding this.

Students and Clinical Sites/Clinical Educators

We are looking at options for future weeks and will be sending you regular updates.

We appreciate your consideration as we all deal with this extraordinary situation. Please know that we are doing our best to ensure that students receive the foundational clinical experience in Unit 3 that is needed. Your flexibility is valued as we move forward.

Thank you –

Susan J. Wagner, B.Sc. (SPA), M.Sc. (CD), Reg. CASLPO, S-LP (C)
Associate Professor, Teaching Stream Coordinator of Graduate Studies Coordinator of Clinical Education
Department of Speech-Language Pathology Rehabilitation Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto