Restricted Duties and Local Placements for Faculty of Medicine Clinical Learners

As of March 11, 2020 at 3:30pm


Dear Clinical Faculty and Learners:

Given the evolving situation related to COVID-19, the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto is adopting the following procedural changes for clinical learners coming in contact with patients as part of their training, effective immediately:

  • All clinical learners – medical and rehab sectors – must only attend community placements where screening processes for COVID-19 are in place and where appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is provided in order to safely assess patients. In the event a community placement location does not have adequate PPE available – or you’re unsure what PPE is appropriate for you – please contact your Course Director, Graduate Co-ordinator and/or Program Director (as applicable) immediately.

For unlicensed learners (Medical Students, Rehabilitation students, Graduate Students in clinical areas etc.):

  • All unlicensed learners are prohibited from assessing or consenting patients who:
    • Feel feverish or have a documented fever
    • Have a new or worsening cough or shortness of breath, or sore throat
    • Have presented for assessment of a possible upper respiratory tract infection or pneumonia
  • Do not put yourself and others at risk: if any clinical learner is experiencing even mild upper respiratory symptoms, please let your Course Director or Graduate Co-ordinator know and submit an unplanned absence report – you cannot be present in the clinical learning environment. We will do our best to ensure lost education time is made up in future.

For licensed clinical learners (postgraduate residents and fellows): Licensed providers may participate in the care of high-risk patients within the scope of their competence, and in alignment with previously circulated principles. Please be aware that you must wear appropriate PPE, according to your clinical site directives, to assess and treat high-risk patients.

During this time of heightened concern, the Faculty will do its utmost to support U of T learners and continue educational programs as best as possible while fulfilling our obligation to wise practice in public health and safety.

For questions, please contact:

Dr. Stacey Bernstein, MD Program Clerkship Director: or
Dr. Marcus Law, MD Program Foundations Director:
Dr. Anne Matlow, Faculty Lead, Strategic Initiatives, PGME, at or 416-978-6808.
Graduate Coordinators for respective Rehab programs

For further resources:


Patricia Houston, Vice Dean, MD Program
Glen Bandiera, Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education