Queer, Trans, and Allied in Medicine

Queer, Trans, and Allied in Medicine (QTAM), previously Out in Medicine, is the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine’s 2SLGBTQ+ student group, dedicated to three main goals:


Engage in advocacy around local to global 2SLGBTQ+ issues including (but not limited to) human rights, social determinants of health, healthcare access, HIV/AIDS care, and safe spaces. We also support initiatives to prevent discrimination in the workplace for healthcare professionals as well as working towards a culture of inclusivity in medicine and medical education. 


QTAM strives to connect 2SLGBTQ+ medical students with each other, with 2SLGBTQ+ physicians and faculty, as well as with other healthcare professionals or students. This is done through a variety of social and educational events. We strongly encourage participation by 2SLGBTQ+ allies. 

Education and Development

We will identify gaps in the current curriculum as related to 2SLGBTQ+ health, work to bring these gaps to the attention of the medical education community, and collaboratively contribute to developing innovative solutions to overcome them. This is intended to affect all medical students in their early professional development and influence their future practices. In addition to our own projects, we aim to work closely with the University of Toronto and its affiliated institutions to improve 2SLGBTQ+ health-related initiatives.

If you're interested in joining QTAM or require more information, please contact qtam.utoronto@gmail.com!