Procedure for Signing/Approval of Grant Applications Administered by the University in the Faculty of Medicine

When the grant is to be administered by the University, the signature of the Dean is only required as specified below. The signature of the Dean is provided by the Vice Dean, Research & Innovation, Faculty of Medicine Research Office, Medical Sciences Building, Room 2331, at 1 King's College Circle in Toronto.

Research grants are to be administered by the institute where the research takes place. Thus FMRO will only sign/approve for grant applications where the research will be conducted on campus. The appropriate hospital individual (normally the Vice President Research or his/her delegate) is responsible for authorizing grant applications when the research is located in the hospital. Principal investigators located at the hospitals are to consult with the hospital research office re obtaining signatures for a grant application. Some agencies require the University to be the administrative site eg: NSERC, SSHRC. Researchers, unsure of where their grants are to be administered, are to consult their University Department Chair.

All applications to CIHR Investigators submitting applications which require a University signature are to  secure the signature from Research Services Office (RSO), University of Toronto in the McMurrich Building, 3rd floor at 12 Queen's Park Crescent West in Toronto. The Faculty of Medicine Research Office does not require a copy of the application.  (Except for the Proof of Principle Program (POP), which needs to go from the Chair then to the Innovations & Partnerships Office located in the Banting Institute, 100 College St., Ste. 413. in Toronto.

Programs Requiring Dean's Signature/Approval. The signature/approval of the Dean will only be required for the following categories of applications:

1. Applications where the sponsor requires the Dean's signature as well as an institutional signature on their application form.

2. Applications to all sponsors / agencies for the following types of funding

  1. Personnel Awards for faculty members
  2. Institutional Initiatives
  • Canada Research Chairs
  • Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI)
  • Genome Canada
  • Ontario Research Chairs
  • Ontario Research Fund - Infrastructure
  • Ontario Research Fund - Research Excellence Program
  • Early Researcher Awards

My Research Applications (MRA). Applicants MUST have submitted their application information online via the My Research Applications portal. This is an online submission process to obtain institutional approval on research applications. Please note that you will be required to upload a copy of the application to this online submission. Please complete this step as early as possible and at least several days ahead of the deadline to insure all approvals are obtained on time. Please visit the OVPRI's MRA webpage for complete information an this process.

Please note there are still 2 elements to a research application at the University of Toronto: your proposal to the sponsor, and University approval to apply. MRA facilitates University approval to apply, replacing the RIS Application Attachment form (aka Blue form). MRA does not replace the need to submit your final proposal to the sponsor.

Other Applications - Applications that do not require a signature from the Faculty of Medicine: Investigators submitting applications other than the above are to obtain the signature of the Chair of their University Department and then directly secure the University signature from Research Services Office (RSO), University of Toronto in the McMurrich Building, 3rd floor at 12 Queen's Park Crescent West in Toronto. The Faculty of Medicine Research Office does not require a copy of the application.

The Faculty of Medicine Research Office continues to provide advice and assistance to investigators and students on matters pertaining to funding sources and the application process. Please contact Cindy Faber, tel: 416-978-5834