MD/PhD Longitudinal Mentorship Program - Mentee Application

The MD/PhD Longitudinal Mentorship Program will be a hybrid experience and runs from September 2023 to May 2024.

This program is a fantastic way for MD/PhD students to connect with alumni in one-on-one conversations. For students, it's an opportunity to receive advice and insight into the field of medicine and grow a professional network. For alumni, it's an opportunity to support student success. Above and beyond specializations, the mentorship program helps students build a meaningful professional relationship with an experienced professional.

Once matched, alumni mentors and student mentees must meet virtually or in person at least 2-3 times during the academic year. If schedules allow, additional meetings are encouraged.  

MD/PhD Mentorship Program guidelines 
Virtual Meeting Best Practices 

Are you in the MD or PhD portion of your training?*
Would you prefer that your mentor be located in the Greater Toronto Area?
Would you be interested in matching to a mentor that did training abroad (for MD, and/or PhD/post-doctoral training)?
Please indicate if you have a preference for the type of mentor with which you would prefer to be matched. You may prefer to have a mentor with a particular interest in a clinical specialty or research field. Please note, we cannot guarantee preferences but will take them into consideration when matching where possible.
Have you ever participated in the MD/PhD Mentorship Program?*
Please note: While we will do our best to connect with you a mentor that meets your specifications, limitations based upon mentor availability may mean that your assigned mentor does not perfectly fit these criteria. We ask that you remember the commitment of both time and effort being put forward by your mentor, and that you engage with them according to the MD/PhD Mentorship Program Guidelines regardless of their area of research, clinical specialty, or personal circumstances.