MD Program: Clinical Learning Changes for 2T0 Class

March 13, 2020

Message sent on behalf of Dr. Stacey Bernstein, Clerkship Director, MD Program, Dr. Seetha Radhakrishnan, Co-Director, Transition to Residency, MD Program


Dear Students,

As things continue to evolve with the COVID -19 outbreak and with your best interests in mind, the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto has decided to end clinical placements as of March 16th, 2020 for your class. 

This decision was taken after ensuring students will still meet the minimum number of weeks of instruction required  by the Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools.

For those of you who have scheduled shifts or calls over this weekend, we suggest to attend only if you feel the environment is safe to do so. If you do not feel safe, please do not attend, inform your supervisors and our office and we will be happy to support you. 

Students currently completing research are welcome to continue their activities remotely. If your research requires you to be in the clinical setting we again would ask you to proceed cautiously and excuse yourself if feeling compromised. Students are welcome to contact us to discuss this further if any questions or concerns arise.

We encourage students to use the remaining time to prepare for the MCCQE and complete your final TTR written assignment.  Online lectures have been posted on Elentra. We will also be setting up virtual office hours so students have access to review any questions with faculty. The final TTR written assignment will be due March 24th, as previously advertised.

The Progress test scheduled for April 6th will be cancelled. The Portfolio session also scheduled for that day will proceed, however we will work to ensure virtual participation is available

We would still like to find a way to celebrate your last day of medical school in a meaningful way and will be in touch with student leaders to see how best to accomplish this.

Finally, we await to hear further direction on how the outbreak may affect the MCCQE and Convocation. We will be in touch as soon as further information is available.

We thank you for your patience, the feedback you have provided and  your continued professionalism during this evolving situation. 



Dr. Stacey Bernstein
Clerkship Director
MD Program
Faculty of Medicine
University of Toronto


Dr. Seetha Radhakrishnan
Staff Nephrologist, Hospital for Sick Children
Director Electives/Co Director Transition to Residency
MD Program,
Faculty of Medicine
University of Toronto