Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Master Programming in the Faculty of Medicine

MSB, Front Campus

Last updated: February 25, 2020

What is a master programming study?

Master programming understands what and how we support our education, research and innovation programs, and evaluates the current and future space needs to enable those activities to happen. It both measures current needs, but also anticipates future needs. This will be done through consulting with building occupants, conducting tours of spaces throughout the Faculty, and collecting data. It will provide an evidentiary foundation to inform future space planning in the Faculty of Medicine.

Who will be consulted as part of the Master Programming Study?

Through site tours, data collection and individual meetings, a wide variety of building occupants will be engaged in this study. In addition, public forums may be held and they will be communicated through MedEmail and other Faculty of Medicine communications channels. The study will also be overseen by an executive committee as well as a steering committee that will include students, faculty and staff.

Who will be conducting the Master Programming Study?

The Faculty of Medicine has retained the services of Perkins Eastman, an international planning, design, and consulting firm. In addition, the study will be led by an academic lead (TBD), supported by administrative staff in the Office of Facilities Management and Space Planning. Finally, the study will also be overseen by an executive committee as well as a steering committee that will include students, faculty and staff.

Why is this master programming study focused on the Medical Sciences Building?

The Faculty of Medicine occupies more than 53,000 net assignable square metres in nine buildings on the St. George and Mississauga campuses (not including space in off-campus buildings). As the Medical Sciences Building is the largest building, representing 56 per cent of space occupied by the Faculty of Medicine, it was decided it would be the best place to start this initiative.

Why are you conducting a feasibility study of the west wing of the Medical Sciences Building?

In considering possible new spaces for the Faculty of Medicine, the University administration has asked that we begin by working within the Faculty of Medicine’s current footprint. Of our current space, the west wing of the Medical Science Building is the only possible site for redevelopment. Other spaces are restricted due to other considerations including heritage designations and proximity concerns.

What is the timeline for this master programming study?

We anticipate the study of the Medical Sciences Building will be completed by early fall 2020. The timelines for the review of other spaces are not yet determined.