Faculty Council Standing Committees

The Faculty of Medicine Faculty Council has ten Standing Committees. Each Standing Committee is responsible for a detailed examination of issues that fall within its terms of reference. Once governance matters are referred by Faculty Council’s Agenda Committee to the appropriate Standing Committee(s) of Council, the Standing Committee examines the issue in detail, formally reports its findings to Council, and recommends modifications or approval, if appropriate.

The Faculty Council Standing Committees are:

  • Executive Committee
  • 4 Boards of Examiners – Physician Assistant Program, Postgraduate Medical Programs, Medical Radiation Sciences Program, Undergraduate Medical Program: The Boards of Examiners review students in academic difficulty to determine the appropriate course of action. The Boards of Examiners review, adjust and approve marks/grades of all students in all courses.
  • Appeals Committee: The Appeals Committee hears appeals from students against the decisions of the Boards of Examiners.
  • Continuing Professional Development Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Striking Committee