Facilities Management and Space Planning About Us

The Temerty Faculty of Medicine has over 7,000 faculty and staff, 9,000 students and trainees, annual operating revenues of over $200 million and close to $900 million in research funding. The University of Toronto is fully affiliated with nine academic hospitals/research institutes in downtown Toronto and 19 community affiliated hospitals and sites.

A list of the buildings that the Faculty of Medicine occupies can be found here.


Heather Taylor
Executive Director, Major Projects and Facilities Management
Phone: 416-978-3457
Email: heather.taylor@utoronto.ca

April Hoeflaak
Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 416-978-1489
Email: space.admin@utoronto.ca

Holly Huizenga
Facilities Coordinator
Phone: 647-354-5902
Email: space.med@utoronto.ca

Adriana Balen
Facilities Planner
Phone: 416-946-5064
Email: adriana.balen@utoronto.ca

Nadja Baljozovic
Facilities Planner 
Phone: 647-354-7050
Email: nadja.baljozovic@utoronto.ca

Sara Blaauw 
Facilities Planner
Phone: 647-394-5094
Email: sara.blaauw@utoronto.ca

Jelena Porovic
Senior Facilities Planner
Phone: 647-394-5212
Email: jelena.porovic@utoronto.ca

Sumit Rane
Facilities Planner
Phone: 647-385-6281
Email: s.rane@utoronto.ca

Matthew Seegmiller
Facilities Planner
Phone: 416-978-7677
Email: matthew.seegmiller@utoronto.ca

Karen Nguyen
Facilities Designer
Phone: 416-978-0463
Email: kar.nguyen@utoronto.ca

Tim Burrow
Operations Officer - MaRS West tower, 15th and 16th floors
Phone: 416-526-9514
Email: tim.burrow@utoronto.ca

Facilities Management & Space Planning Office
Temerty Faculty of Medicine
C. David Naylor Building, Suite 207
6 Queen's Park Cres. Toronto, ON


Facility repairs or emergencies, contact Facilities and Services at 8-3000 (416-978-3000).

Caretaking services, contact 8-6252 (416-978-6252).

Property Managers: Find your building property manager here.