Aug 31, 2022  |  12:00pm - 1:00pm

Jump Start Workshop: Lumira Venture Innovation Program - How to meet and work with investors

During this session our panelists will discuss early activities that researchers should engage in to meet and work with investors in life science technologies. The Lumira Venture Innovation Program, open for PhD, MBA and MD students, will be introduced and followed by a discussion panel. You will learn from real-world examples about how to gain exposure to life science venture capital, where to start and how to work with investors to build your technology and accelerate innovation in academic settings. You will learn about what to expect from an investor and how to gain an access to the investor community, professionals-in-residence, and funding. This session aims to stimulate commercial thinking during the research and discovery phase for everyone interested in drug, device and platform development at UofT. These workshops are open to all staff, trainees and faculty at UofT.

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