Coronavirus: TAHSN Communication

January 28, 2020

As the information about the current outbreak of the novel Wuhan Coronavirus (2019 –nCoV) continues to develop, we would like to share the following key messages on behalf of TAHSN:

We are all in this together. TAHSN hospitals in partnership with the University of Toronto continue to monitor this outbreak very closely. We continue to rely on hospital and university committees, and most importantly rely on formal and informal relationships within TAHSN as we navigate this situation, as well as plan and align our approaches where appropriate.Please see the links below from the University of Toronto with respect to key processes and protocols for keeping learners safe during their placements, and the COFM Guidelines on Emergency Preparedness:

TAHSN organizations continue to create plans specific to local circumstances, but with input from across hospitals and sector partners such as Toronto Public Health, Ontario Hospital Association and Ministry of Health. Please note that while specific hospital plans and directives may not exactly be the same, we would like to assure you that plenty of efforts are being undertaken to create engagement both within our hospitals and across our partners.

At present, there is no need or added value in creating any new formal TAHSN structure for this specific situation. However we will continue to reassess as new information becomes available.

In the meantime, we strongly encourage folks to seek out knowledge, advice and judgment from each other. As we have demonstrated to date, we should all continue to closely partner with important sector resources including Toronto Public health, Ontario Hospital Association, Ministry of Health, community partners, and hospitals outside of the TAHSN community to support our efforts.

As we continue to monitor the situation closely, we will suggest collaboration on a potential collective response and/or action when it is appropriate, and as always, we welcome input from sector leaders.


Dr. Gary Newton
President and CEO, Sinai Health System
Chair, TAHSN

Dr. Salvatore Spadafora
Acting Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto