Fully-Affiliated Hospitals/Research Institutes

Nine hospitals in the Greater Toronto Area are fully affiliated with the University of Toronto (U of T).   The U of T and all of these hospitals are full members of the Toronto Academic Health Science Network (TAHSN).

In collaboration with the leadership of the fully affiliated hospitals, the U of T Faculty of Medicine has developed Guidelines for administering Hospital-University Named Chairs/Professorships. Holders of these Chairs/Professorships are most often based at one of the fully-affiliated hospital sites. (The funds for these Chairs/Professorships are managed by the relevant hospital Foundation.) The Guidelines should also be used for administering University Named Chairs and Professorships. (The funds for these Chairs/Professorships are managed by U of T.)

(*) St. Michael's Hospital merged with Providence Healthcare and St. Joseph's Health Centre in 2017; the University’s affiliations continue on a site-specific basis.