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The Temerty Faculty of Medicine is seeking volunteer grant proposal reviewers to enrol in our pilot College of Internal Scientific Reviewers. The College will provide on-campus faculty with scientific peer review of their draft proposals to CIHR Project Grant competitions (with planned expansions to other competitions once the College is established). An internal peer review system has multiple benefits:

  • It supplements the Office of the Vice Dean, Research & Innovation’s existing editorial review services with invaluable scientific feedback from a fellow faculty member;
  • It enhances our collaborative environment by providing researchers with greater awareness of colleagues’ projects across the Faculty; and
  • It provides a larger pool of potential reviewers beyond a single department, introducing critical perspectives and inputs to your draft proposals.

Internal peer review has proven successful in other divisions and institutions and faculty members in Medicine have expressed great interest in accessing such a service. We are truly excited to launch this pilot and strongly hope you’ll consider joining the College.

Why be a Reviewer?

In addition to the reasons above, reviewers of funded proposals will receive a $500 contribution to their unrestricted research account (PI CFC) in recognition of their feedback. Participation as an internal scientific reviewer is also an eligibility requirement for the Faculty’s Pathway Grant

What is Expected of Reviewers?

The review will be a two-step process: 1) abstract review, then 2) full proposal review. Reviewers will be expected to complete each step within one week – please see timelines below. Reviewers will not be asked to review more than two applications for any given competition.

How do I Conduct a Proposal Review?

Reviewers will assess proposals using an internal review rubric, modelled closely on current CIHR criteria.

Can I have my own Proposal Reviewed?

Yes. The College of Peer Reviewers will operate on a quid pro quo basis: if you wish to have your proposal reviewed, you must join the College and be willing to review your peers’ proposals, either in the upcoming competition or future ones.

How do I join the College of Reviewers?

Please enrol below in the College through our online College of Internal Scientific Reviewers

Do I need to sign up to the College each competition?

No, you will remained enrolled each compeitition unless you contact us that you are unable to review.

How do I submit for review?

Please submit your abstract to by the abstract submission deadline of March 4, 2021.
Please submit your full application for by the full draft proposal deadline of March 19, 2021 by 3:00pm.

2021 Review Timelines

The CIHR Project Grant registration deadline is March 4, 2021.

March 4– Abstract Submission Deadline  
March 11 – Abstract Review Deadline  
March 19 – Full Application Submission Deadline  
March 26 – Full Application Review Deadline (and MRA due)  

The CIHR Project Grant Full Application Deadline is April 1, 2021.

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