The opportunity for healthcare innovation to have a positive impact on our quality to life has never been greater. Along with these opportunities come novel and complex challenges that will require new pathways to creating these positive impacts.

Collaborations between academics and organizations enable the combination of world class research excellence with implementation expertise to address these new challenges. This blend of resources and competencies creates pathways for many of the next generation of healthcare innovations to have a positive impact on our communities.

Together with partners we can ensure todays world leading research becomes tomorrow’s solutions. 

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The Temerty Faculty of Medicine works with organizations by establishing long term relationship to design, develop and deploy better, more inclusive, accessible and equitable healthcare solutions. We work with organizations to define your partnership needs, advise on partnership pathways and connect you to the best academics for your project.

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The pathway from research to impact has never been more complex. The Temerty of Faculty of Medicine supports faculty as they explore collaborating with external organizations. We help you find partners, access external resources and answer any questions you have about working with external organizations.

An initiative designed to connect organizations with academics, this program allows organizations and academics to discuss the most pressing challenges facing industry and society in an effort to identify opportunities to co-create solutions.

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We are launching a recurring partnership update to help share collaboration opportunities and tips on improving partnerships.

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Researchers at the University of Toronto along with our hospital, private, public and non-profit partners are creating and delivering novel health solutions to solve global health challenges. Learn more about our world leading health innovation ecosystem here.

Industrial Partnerships Office

For more information on how you can develop a research partnership contact: Jarrod Ladouceur at

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Partnership News

Sep 7, 2023
The University of Toronto is ranked among the top five research universities in the world — and first among North America’s public universities — in the latest National Taiwan University Rankings.
Aug 30, 2023
Thirty-six researchers at the University of Toronto have been awarded a new or renewed Canada Research Chairs, including 21 at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine.
Aug 25, 2023
Molly Shoichet has been named scientific director of the University of Toronto’s PRiME Next-Generation Precision Medicine – an institutional strategic initiative that tackles unmet needs in drug discovery, diagnostics and disease biology.
Jul 25, 2023
The Lawson Centre for Child Nutrition and Target Kids! help coordinate 30 parent partners who represent the families and communities seen in primary and paediatric care, and in research studies.